Our training team will establish the client´s specific needs and match it to a bespoke training plan and course syllabus.

Crew training is by necessity a key element of Transafe Maritime´s core service to ship owners.
All of our vessel protection teams are experienced and competent in training crews in all the latest applications of Best Management Practice and Pirate Modus Operandi and methodology.

Delivering experience...

Transafe Maritime is able to utlilise it’s experience in anti-piracy operations to bring the lessons we have learnt to the client.

Whatever the requirement, Transafe Maritime’s training methodology remains the same, focusing on the clients needs and responding to client feedback, from concept through to post-training assessment.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Transafe Maritime.

F Dianez - MD, Next Maritime World Wide Ship Agent

Come to expect maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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